In the River

The waters are flowing, the light is flowing
Trees growing out of the river

Fallen downwards
chess board made from light and shaddow
The sunchild is playing

Saga Greenwood


Liminal Place

Standing between land and sea
wind on my face
salt on my lips
waves licking my feet
Hearing the whisper
the yearning
Looking in the eyes
of a Selkie

Saga Greenwood


The Hawthorn

The hawthorn strains its brumbles
as if it woud seize you
If you get caught in its thorns
it never lets you go
The wind runs through the branches
its moaning very weird
like a human trapped within it
sighing his quiet despair
Keep silent and harken
the echoes are resounding
legends from ages past
you hear them and drop down

Saga Greenwood



Between the thundering waves
and the howling wind
for the twinkle of an eye
but time enough
for a dream

Saga Greenwood