Saga Greenwood, Lady of Glencoe

I was born on Beltane 1969 in Mannheim. As a child I spend lots of time in the nature and in the company with animals. I began to write poems and short stories. Since 2007 I lives in Solingen where I works as an author and  journalist.Pilgerreise-1

I am a member of the German Association of Journalists, German Haiku-Society, and the friends association of the “Center for banned Arts Solingen”.  Druid in the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, member of “Welt der Linden”  and the Tarosophy Tarot Association..
I’ m also a member of  Amnesty International, Solinger Bündnis “Bunt statt braun”,  Palliatives Hospiz Solingen (PHoS), Förderverein der Jugendnotschlafstelle Solingen “Die10”,  Johanniter Landesverband NRW, Trägerverein Biologische Station Mittlere Wupper, and “guardian angel for animals” at IFAW.
I also try to help with charity readings to collect money for public amenties

From 2004 till 2007 I studied Belles Lettres and creative writing, Germany
From Oct. 2014 till Feb. 2018 I studied with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
completed the “Tarot Navigator Course”€ with the Tarot Association (Instructor; Marcus Katz)
completed the course “Ancient Ireland - Culture and Society” with the Brehon Law Academy, Ireland
completed the course “Irish Mythology” with the Brehon Law Academy, Ireland
studying “Celebrating life” with the School of Celebrancy, UK
Leader of many creative writing workshops

2011 award of the “Silver Witch” as “Solingerin of the year” for my voluntary work on social issues and in support of charity

2014 award of the price “Helping Hearts” also for my voluntary work on social issues and in support of charity

Since May 2017 I bear the title “Lady of Glencoe”

I strives to live in harmony with the earth and the sky, to take advantage of the Elements Earth, Sea and Sky, to protect nature and to spread peace. It is important to me to respect all beings and to meet all living things with love. This is reflected in my works, in my poems, fairy tales and novels.